Property Tax Payments
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Welcome to the online payments page for the City of Alma, Michigan. Here you can pay your Personal Property taxes online using Point & Pay.

If you are paying an IFT, please go back to the City of Alma website and click on the appropriate link for either IFT - Real Property or IFT - Personal Property to make your IFT payment.

We will not be accepting credit card payments for OPRA's at this time.

Please have your Personal Property tax bill ready to make your payment. On the next page, please enter your Personal Property or Tax ID Number and your amount to pay. Enter your Prop # (Tax ID Number) in the same format as is shown on your bill with spaces included, i.e. 29 51 900 123 00.

There will be a convenience fee for this service presented for your review before you submit your payment.

Please press Continue to make your payment to the City of Alma.