Jill Eastman, Finance Director
City of Auburn

Welcome to the City of Auburn General Payment Page. Here you can make general billing or miscellaneous payments online by using Point & Pay.

On the following page in the Invoice Number field, you will need to enter the Bill or Invoice number for the bill you are paying. Be sure to enter your Invoice number correctly. The Invoice Number field MUST be populated. If your type of payment does not correspond with a Bill or Invoice number, please type in your LAST NAME excluding spaces. Enter the exact amount you would like to pay on that account.

You may add a comment at the bottom of the form on the next page in the comment field. If your payment does not reflect a Bill or Invoice Number, please indicate in the comment box what the payment is for, such as Birth Certificate, Dog License, ATV Registration, etc.

There will be a convenience fee for this service that you will see before you submit your payment.

Please press Continue to make your payment to the City of Auburn, Maine.