Superior Court Payments
Welcome to the online payments page for Sierra County, California. Here you can pay the court online using Point & Pay.

This website accepts payments for Court Civil Fees, Court Fines, Restitution, Juvenile Fines and Traffic Fines. If you are attempting to pay something else, please go back to Sierra County Payment Selection linked at the bottom of this page.

Please have your payment information ready to make your payment. On the next page, you will enter your case number and your amount due. Please remove all leading zeroes.

If you are paying Court Filing Fees, your case number looks like: ####
If you are paying Restitution or Court Fines, your case number looks like: CR#####
If you are paying Juvenile Fines or Juvenile Restitution, your case number looks like: JV####
If you are paying Traffic Fines, your case number looks like: TR#####

There will be a convenience fee for this service that you will see before you submit your payment. If you need assistance, please contact the Court at 530-289-2910 or by email.

Please press Continue to make your payment to Sierra County, California.