Step 1: Select Payments
Step 2: Review and Submit
Step 3: Confirmation and Receipt
Step 1: Select Payments


If you are paying for multiple items, please follow the steps below for each item. Click "Add more items to cart" to add each item separately. 

1. Select an option from the "Payment Type" drop-down menu. 

2. Enter a summary in the "Comments/Memo" field of what the payment is for. If you have an invoice number, please  include this information. 

3. Enter the amount you wish to pay in the "Amount" field. 

For questions, please call 919-296-9450, option 5. 

Fees: 2.5 % of payment amount or $2 (whichever is greater) for credit or debit card payments. $3.95 for Visa debit for tax payments (regardless of payment amount). Note: The $3.95 Visa debit for tax rate is available only for payment of occupancy and prepared food and beverage taxes. 


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